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'this collection, shown on 6th March 2016, and made during luca's final a-level year, deals with the emotional tension and transition between dark and light. held in a historical medieval setting, the lights were dimmed, and marilyn manson's 'killing strangers' set the electrifying tone for what was to come, as the first model was summoned to the runway.

based on the myth of the greek goddess persephone - and her changing identity from winter through to spring - the show introduced 'The queen of darkness' in the first of three sections, in this twelve-piece women's collection. taking references from Japanese Samurai, eighteenth century costume and tailoring, the opening four garments with their harsh, jagged, obstructive silhouettes and primitive faces took the guests on a journey through the dark severity of the winter months.


as persephone continued on her path the audience was guided into contemplation as the next four models were called to prayer. the gold-plated glistening faces, imperial silhouettes and religious imagery all portrayed a decadent deity, a worshipped idol, recalling the opulence of baroque churches and symbolism. gradually these trappings melted away to reveal the third and final section where persephone returns to earth, heralding spring. organic fabrics and zests of colour entwined around the models' bodies and flowers flourished from their hair, breaking down the symmetry and order of the previous garments in favour of spontaneity, as if the fabrics themselves were -  like a flower bud on the eve of spring - blossoming.'

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