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'skin' performance film, 2017

we each carry carry our stories in books. perpetually opening and closing, empty as we write. these pages become an extension of our being. our arm, our leg, our history.

(left) detail from 'walhalla' installation, anselm kiefer, 2017.
'self-portrait covered', 2017
'don't kiss me i'm in training', 2017
'untitled (i'm in training don't kiss me)', Claude Cahun, 1927
'self-portrait with regrets' 2017
'self-portrait revealing secrets' 2017
'self-portrait concealing secrets' 2017
the final film captures a performer reciting her identity onto her body.

occasionally, when she did not know what to write, i suggested topics. she started to write about herself through my eyes, since they were my questions.


at first I thought this was dishonest.


I realised our experience as individuals is as shaped by us as other people. to write on herself truly for herself is both honest and dishonest.

honest to her but dishonest to the external view of her.


she covered the dress in her scripture, she revealed so much about herself, she let the fabric define her for better or worse.

'skin' film stills, 2017
you cannot read what it says, nor can i. nor even can she. it meant something to her in the honesty of performance, and so it will always.
'Untitled' design collage, 2017
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